The Guides

A series of guides will be produced when the project launches and as it unfolds. Their role will be to help the team of directors, operational partners and researchers with their work, but also to inform audiences and public decision-makers about the approach used for this project. These guides will be freely available on the project website.

Theatre Director’s Guide

His or her role is to use the letters featured in The Migrants Encyclopedia to put together a show to be performed in a public space.

Local Coordinator’s Guide

The local coordinator guarantees the implementation of the project at a local level by working with a network of partners. He or she ensures the smooth running of the project his or her local territory and is in contact with the general coordinator.

Social Sciences and Humanities Researcher’s Guide

The work of the researcher is carried out in cooperation with the project’s key players: the artistic director, the local coordination team, the team of actors and graphic design students.

Artistic dossier