The Academic Analysis

The analysis will be written once the project has drawn to a close in 2022. It will feature two types of academic contributions. The first will be six documents, each one produced by a researcher during his or her residency. The papers will be linked to the observations they have made and their reflections on the project process. The second contribution will be documents written by associate researchers throughout the project, touching on its themes such as artistic creativity, migration, citizenship and informal education. The publication will also  include a documentary section featuring photographs taken during each phase of the project.

Researchers’ journals :

Distress flare #2 (Brussels, BEL) : Gudrun Ledegen

Distress flare #3 (Istanbul, TR) : Didem Daniş

— Distress flare #4 (Barcelona, ES) : Asun Pié Balaguer & Martín Correa Urquiza

— Distress flare #5 (Milan, IT) : Alessandra Frigerio & Edoardo Zulato

— Distress flare #6 (Lisbon, PT) : Luísa Ferreira da Silva

— Distress flare #7 (Rennes, FR) : Anne Morillon